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公司历程 History

公司历程  History

-Founded in 3.28.2016

-2016.3  双核A20智慧社区核心板发布。
-Dual A20 intelligent community core board released at March, 2016.

-2016.4  双核A20门口机公板开发完成。
-Dual A20 intercom outdoor core board released at April, 2016.

-2016.11 开发团队组建完成。
-Build development team ready at November, 2016.

-2016.12 四核V40全功能核心板发布。
-V40 Quad full function core board released at December, 2016.

-2017.3 四核A33全功能核心板发板。

-A33 Quad full function core board released at March, 2017.

-2017.4.21 公司扩大搬迁至A4栋302/306。

-Due to the continuous development of the company, relocated to Room 302/306 A4 building at 21 April 2017. 

-2017.12.06 公司启动RK3288主板开发。

-Start to develop RK3288 project at 6th Dec. 2017. 

-2017.11.21 公司A33别墅机主板顺利量产。

-Villa outdoor were smoothly mass production at 21th Nov. 2017.

-2018.5.5 RK3288主板大批量交付。

- RK3288 PCBA delivered successful at 5th May 2018 

-2019.1.25 RK3399主板开始样品测试,6月份大批量出货。

- RK3399 prototype was ready at 25th January, PCBA delivered successful started at June 2019

-2019.7.1 在有能力和激情的销售带领下公司开始进入第二阶段的发展

- Under the powerful and passionate sales, lead company to a new development stage.